First outdoor shooting done in the UK. We have had so much fun, walked between lovely fields and got wet. 
What I learnt from it, next time wear wellies and take an umbrella with me just in case.


Erstes Shooting an der frischen Luft in England. Wir hatten sehr viel spaß, sind zwischen Feldern gelaufen, wobei super Aufnahmen entstanden sind und wir wurden nass.

Was lernen wir daraus, nächstes mal Gummistiefel anziehen und einen Regenschirm mitnehmen, nur so zur Sicherheit.

I was invited to take pictures at the Kids Halloween Party at the Lyneham Community Center. It was so much fun and the pictures turned out so good! 
I can't wait for the Christmas Event!

-The perfect Christmas gift-

Quick location check with my little boy. We found a really nice Christmas tree farm and are ready to start some shootings there!

I am not always allowed to upload pictures as sexy like these from my clients. I am happy that I am allowed to show you these wonderful pictures!

Why not have a cat shooting?! 
He was sooo good at the shooting, I guess we all had a lot of fun while taking pictures and getting him in position 

This is one of the lovely women who won my black Friday deal. 
We had a wonderful and super cold outdoor shooting. 
She and her husband really like the results

Christmas session with this wonderful family!! Love love love

Did I ever tell you that I love kids

A big thank you to everyone who came to the Kids Christmas Party at the Community Center in Lyneham. 
It was lovely to see familiar faces and to meet some new people. 
We created wonderful Christmas themed memories!
All the pictures are now sent out and we are all ready for Christmas to come now.

-Christmas is soon-


This was one of my last Christmas sessions of this year. Lovely little angels these two

I love this setup. Kids have fun in the milk water and the pictures turn out so well, natural!

And another wonderful family shooting from my BLACK FRIDAY DEAL. It was super cold, but so special.

While I was on holiday in Germany, I had a wonderful shooting with Paul and his new baby brother Luke. 
Yes I even work in my holidays  
These two are so cute. More pictures of these two will follow soon!